"SPIDERIMPLANT is looking for business partners with whom to establish medium or long-term relationships. We are looking for companies interested in achieving a common mission through collaboration: be at the forefront of the development of new implantological solutions that allow professionals to radically improve the quality of their work in clinical cases in presence of jaw atrophies. A collaboration that arises from the sharing of the know-how acquired by SPIDERIMPLANT can represent the ideal tool to become promoters of innovation in the sector and generate an impact on the international market, which will lead to opening up a new specific segment that is still non-existent but highly requested".

~ Dr. Massimo Zanna, Founder of SPIDERIMPLANT

The benefits for companies

Ready-to-use solution adaptable to the current product range

The granting of rights in various contractual forms from SPIDERIMPLANT to the partner company creates a suitable environment for the maximum exploitation of the value of the DistalOsteointegration® technology. This is because the partner company will be able to offer a ready-to-use solution to the market, based on the range of products it already offers. Investments will also be very limited compared to the development of an in-house solution. The 4 primary implant of SinusImplant® and MiniZygo® versions is in fact nothing more than a traditional 4x10 implant customised with a small lateral hole.

Opportunities to apply the technology to other implant solutions

The SPIDERIMPLANT solutions share many common topical features, which determine the high flexibility and evolutionary potential of the DistalOsteintegration® technology. This means that, depending on the circumstances, customization and modularity of the components will allow the realization of further concepts of implant that partner companies can independently develop, produce and market, optimizing their efforts in R&D and acquiring further prestige in the international market.

Expanding the audience of actors dealing with atrophy through a universal implant solution

The DistalOsteintegration® technology proposes to be an universal solution for the treatment of any case of atrophy (vertical and transverse). These surgical treatments will therefore no longer represent a "taboo" for most Dentists. Those who already practice advanced implant surgery (with current techniques) will have at their disposal a range of minimally invasive, safe and economical solutions. Those who practice "standard" implantology and do not engage in reconstructive surgery will be induced to do so given enormously reduced risks. Partner companies will thus be able to intercept these new types of users with obvious benefits..

Impactful entry opportunities into a niche market

For the few companies producing zygomatic implants, being able to include a mini-invasive version (MiniZygo®) expressly dedicated to Dentists in their product range would mean greatly expanding their target market. For companies that do not produce zygomatic implants, acquiring the SinusImplant® and MiniZygo® licences would guarantee access to a new and "rich" niche market. The possible addition of PlateImplant® would mean offering an unquestionably complete products range in the field of advanced implantology.

A WIN-WIN collaboration

We strongly believe that working directly with leading companies in the sector, with our same vision on the future of the implantology market, is the best way to maximize globally the value of the patented technology DistalOsteointegration®. The main drivers of this choice are evident from the broad and attractive horizons of such a strategy:

What WE bring

What YOU bring

Patent coverage to guarantee success of the strategy that will lead to market penetration

•  •  •

Direct and extended access to end-users (Dentists and Maxillofacial Surgeons)

Enhancement of the partner's innovative and leader image through the development of new technological concepts

•  •  •

Generation of new insights from commercial feedback, leading to product enhancement

Become a global reference team for the innovation of the most established implantology techniques and tools

Why choose our products


A structure common to all SPIDERIMPLANT
solutions, with only three components, simplifies the
therapy of any type of bone atrophy.


The practicality and effectiveness of our solutions are demonstrated by the exceptional primary
stability and excellent tissue integration.


The concept of “rigid connection for
interference between implants and plates” applies to all products with multiple coupling variants. This modularity allows to deal with different problems with the same


In contrast to standard (or custom) systems on the market today, what makes our products unique is that they can be customised even in intra-operative operations.


Users are guaranteed the execution of simplified manoeuvres, less dangerous and more tolerable by patients.


The idea of totally eliminating the need for pre-implantological bone reconstruction in all types of
atrophy is truly revolutionary.

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