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SinusImplant® is the product that SPIDERIMPLANT has expressly designed for Dentists who want to treat "in-house" cases of vertical atrophy of the jaws without the risks associated with the use of synthetic bio-materials (Sinus Lift) or excessively invasive surgical techniques (Bone Grafting). Very low skeletonization, no risk of sinus complications, guarantee of immediate load and cost reduction are the strengths that make SinusImplant® the first choice for ambulatory surgery for posterior maxillary atrophies.

The SinusImplant® tripodal bone anchoring capitalizes the very little residual bone of the floor and lateral wall of the maxillary sinus, biomechanically amplifying the mechanical retention given by the neck of the primary implant and secondary fixtures.

Like its counterpart MiniZygo®, the SinusImplant® solution is characterised by the harmonious combination of three unique elements:

‣  A self-locking osteosynthesis plate: Locking Plate

‣  Depending on the clinical case, 2/3 self-locking screws of the same size: Locking Fixtures

‣  A standard implant with a common prosthetic platform and with a side access hole.

Uniquely to SinusImplant®, the implant body will be originated by the fusion of the components by interference in a more compact, and less extensive mode than the MiniZygo®, therefore further limiting the surgical field. However, the resulting primary stability will be similar to that of MiniZygo®, guaranteeing, in this case too, immediate loading.

The technical characteristics of SinusImplant® are limited by the conceptual and patent dictates of DistalOsteointegration® and are as follows:

‣  Three-dimensional implant with composite structure, cylindrical, with or without thread, made of Grade 5 Titanium.

‣  Antirotational prosthetic platform.

‣  Accessory platform (radical to the longitudinal axis) with conometric locking.

‣  Subperistal component (Locking Plate) with horizontal development (variable length 18-20 mm), in Grade 2 Titanium.

‣  Peripheral plants (TwinImplants®) of truncated cone shape and with atraumatic apex, in Titanium Grade 5, solidarized with locking for interference (in one or more sizes).

The clinical protocol characterising SinusImplant® is an extremely minimally invasive variant of Sinus Lift, in which the absolute absence of biomaterials and membranes is combined with the "one stage" technique (one-shot surgery with immediate loading). The resulting surgical sequence will be:

1)  Skeletonisation of part of the lateral wall of the maxillary sinus.

2)  Creation of a small side window followed by the slight detachment of the sinus mucosa.

3)  Insertion of the primary implant tangentally to the lateral wall of the sinus.

4)  Connection of the Locking Plate perpendicularly to the primary implant (after any shaping of the same plate).

5)  Insertion (self-locking) of the Locking Fixtures (TwinImplants®) in the respective seats of the plate.

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