"SpiderImplant’s goal is to provide patients with a solution to clinical complications and risks created by the adoption of bone grafting/regeneration techniques or other invasive methods (see zygomatic implants). Our ambition is to bring concrete benefits to patients affected by bone atrophy, above which is worth mentioning: substantial reduction of surgery risks, optimization of treatment times (halved) and better long-term prognosis compared to traditional and invasive clinical methods"

~ Dr. Massimo Zanna, Founder of SPIDERIMPLANT

I am looking for …

A certain turnaround to my clinical case (affected by bone atrophy)

Have any dentists/surgeons who you consulted pointed out to mobile prosthesis or invasive treatments as the only solutions to your
clinical case?
At SpiderImplant we are the only ones able to offer you a personalized, innovative and patented solution to safely treat even the most complex cases of bone atrophy of the jaws by means of simple and minimally invasive interventions.

A safe remedy for damage caused by previous unsuccessful surgery treatments

Are you dissatisfied with the results achieved with traditional implant treatments? Have postoperative complications showed up and led to a deterioration of your
clinical case?
SpiderImplant products allow you to give an immediate solution to all cases of atrophy, we offer an optimized treatment in terms of timing (reduced by 30%) and risks (reduced by 70%).

Clarity in expectations, friendly support in identifying my clinical priorities and actions

Have you realized that your current treatment risks becoming uncertain and burdensome due to unforeseen complications? At our SpiderImplant clinical facilities this can hardly happen! Our specialists will always recommend you the most effective solution because it is "tailored“ and delivered basing on your unique case and circumstances.

Why Spiderimplant

SpiderImplant product portfolio consists of patented and innovative implant solutions which are capable to radically transform the traditional, often strenuous clinical treatment which patients are offered. The market has for years settled on extremely invasive, expensive and complex solutions to treat jaw atrophies. The use of such solutions can paradoxically lead the patient to have more uncertainties than before, sometimes patient clinical conditions might even substantially worsen.

            Today’s clinical solutions

Key benefits delivered by Spidermplant

SpiderImplant products are inspired by a concept as much simple as effective within the surgery domain: the anchoring of an implant to the bone surface must rely on a performing distribution of the implantbone anchoring points. SpiderImplant distributes these anchors in multiple strategic points of the surgical surface (as if it were a “Spider” web). This guarantees extreme quality and performance to the implant structure over the years, making possible to bypass the adoption of invasive surgical procedures.

How to get in contact with our surgery experts

Our main operational and surgery headquarter is located at the Odontostomatology Clinic of Dr. Massimo Zanna, in addition to a large number of affiliated SpiderImplant-sponsored clinics (find out how to reach us) Our services strongly prioritize patient needs. We are promoters of a direct, transparent and professional relationship from the very first visit, at first informing patients about all the treatment options available and later suggesting those that are most suitable for their cases. Over 30 years of experience in the sector are a guarantee for targeted and informed choices.

Our core principles

Transparency on costs and expectations

High-quality but accessible products and treatments

Flexibility in alternatives and patient choices

Continuous support and assistance after treatment

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