"SPIDERIMPLANT aims to change the way in which dentists and surgeons treat clinical cases of jaw atrophies today. Our revolutionary technology was created with the objective of simplifying implantological treatments, reducing risks and radically improving results, through a new minimally invasive approach".

~ Dr. Massimo Zanna, Founder of SPIDERIMPLANT

Our history

Years of experience in the sector revealed the need to reduce the high risks faced by patients with bone deficits (sinusitis, mucous
dehiscence, bone seizures) …

… Similarly, we experienced in first person the lengthy treatm ents, high costs and complex surgical procedures that charactirise the field.

The initial focus on zygomatic implants was translated into early implant versions based on Osseointegration principles and rapid fixation through the use of osteosynthesis plates.

The development of our products has not stopped, making the solutions even simpler and more effective, while at the same time expanding our im plants offer.

The process of innovation continues…

The products

The entire SPIDERIMPLANT product range stems from the ideation of the Distalosteointegration® technology. All products, from the MVP to the most recent evolutions are indeed inspired by the same unique concept (or clinical protocol): the integration, by interference, of an osteosynthesis plate (Locking Plate), Locking Fixtures and any other traditional implant, to form customizable orthopodal implant structures.

Academic research and validation

Clinical experimentation and clinical validation have been focused on our technology DistalOsteointegration®, which is in turn a synthetic expression of already-known biological principles: Osseointegration, Rigid Fixation and G.B.R. These scientific bases guarantees credibility and reliability of SPIDERIMPLANT products.

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