DistalOsteointegration® technology

The patented DistalOsteointegration® technology is the foundation of the entire SPIDERIMPLANT product range. Our mission is materialized in our commitment to promote advancements in oral implantology through a clear vision: to create innovative and flexible solutions that are minimally invasive, less costly, safer and with a reduced treatment time.

"The DistalOsteointegration® technology leverages the biological principles of osseointegration, rapid fixation and G.B.R. to create customizable orthopodal implant structures that allow the minimally invasive treatment of any atrophic site without the need for any bone reconstruction. This is realised through the assembly of Locking Fixtures, Locking Plates and Traditional Dental Implants”.


The use of a (customizable) Locking Plate makes it possible to extend the
anchorage of an implant to secondary osseointegration “zones”, thus enhancing its core stability.


Locking Fixtures are secondary osseointegrated implants TwinImplants®, peripheral extension of the primary implant, twinned to it by means of a rigid coupling by interference with the Locking Plate.

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The primary implant is a “standard” implant which in addition to the traditional prosthetic platform is equipped with a radial access for rigid
conometric coupling with the Locking Plate.


Although our products have been developed to address a variety of clinical cases within different atrophic sites, they are all inspired by the same principles of simplification, customisation and ease of use. That makes possibile for SPIDERIMPLANT products to have the potential to transform traditional "critical spots" of atrophic implantology into success factors for medical professionals themselves but above all for patients.

With the aim of overcoming the issues caused by the complexity and common complications of bone reconstruction techniques , we have created an innovative implant concept. At the core of this concept there are the multiple combinations of assembly of the three components, leading to specific implant bodies for different atrophic sites, which can be used by both Maxillofacial Surgeons and Dentists.

Explore our solutions

Vertical atrophies

Find out how SinusImplant® and MiniZygo® help you avoid both the risks of sinus pathologies from Sinus Lift complications and the invasive osteotomies characteristic of zygomatic implants.


Transverse atrophies

Interventions in transversal atrophic sites have traditionally been managed through reduced-diameter implants or bone grafts, which do not allow immediate loading. The PlateImplant® solution overcomes this issue and delivers immediate results.

Customisation and flexibility of use provide the end-user with an extremely broad range of "use cases" with our three CORE solutions for vertical and transverse atrophy (MiniZygo®, SinusImplant® and PlateImplant®) being just the tip of the iceberg. During the technical development and surgical validation of SPIDERIMPLANT products, multiple variations and extensions of Distalosteointegration® technology emerged. Below are some of the most relevant examples:

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