"Every step in the growth and evolution of SPIDERIMPLANT has brought us closer to our purpose: to become an important, trustworthy, far-sighted player within the international implantology scene, and a sponsor for innovation and evolution, on which the future of the market strongly depends"

~ Dr. Massimo Zanna, Founder of SPIDERIMPLANT

Our mission

At SPIDERIMPLANT we believe that current implant solutions for cases of vertical or transverse jaw atrophy are highly inefficient for several reasons. The market has metabolized this uncertainty by largely and repeatedly focussing on the production of bio-materials of various kinds and more or less specific therapeutic aids (Osteodistractors and zygomatic implants) which have had unconsistent results. For several decades now, surgeons and dentists have adopted the same sets of procedures for the treatment of atrophic cases, such as:


Sinus Lift

Bone Grafting


Zygomatic implants

These solutions are characterised by significant pre- and post-operative risks. SPIDERIMPLANT addresses this issue by expanding the set of tools available to medical professionals and proposing minimally invasive and highly effective solutions, which will:

Reduce the length of surgical procedures and learning times

Increase the safety of the treatment for the patient

Tailor implants structures to specific needs

Overcome the complexity of reconstructive treatments

Significantly reduce operating and learning costs

Deliver results "from day one" thanks to immediate loading

How we bring our ambition to life

We aim to be at the forefront of the development of new implantological solutions that allow professionals to radically improve the quality of their work, delivering improved patient outcomes. We make this possible by thinking beyond current methodologies and investing our resources according to a clear set of priorities:

Centrality of patient needs and interests

One of our pillars is the ambitious objective to overcome legacy methodologies and procedures, such as the use of bio-materials (often of animal origin) and highly invasive implants (zygomatic implants).

Enhancement of new concepts that challenge the status-quo

Our solutions are inspired in their entirety by conceptual simplification, adaptability to multiple contexts, customization and universal use.

Exploiting partnering opportunities with external stakeholders

We place ourselves in the field as a highly innovative and forward-looking company. We believe that collaboration with companies sharing similar missions and objectives is a prerequisite to fulfil our ambition to have an impact on an international scale.

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